High School

High School Abroad – A unique experience!
Placement and Advice Service
A8 Educatours offer a placement and advice service to parents of high school students looking for an overseas study opportunity. We offer advice about the length of study and the timing of it. 
That there are many reasons why you might be seeking this opportunity for your child, we can provide advice to suit every possible reason.
In the main, high school abroad is taken either for a single term or an academic year but can in some cases be for the summer months, in areas where there are specialist opportunities.

Canada, New Zealand and Australia 
A Great Place to Study
Educatours recommends schools in Canada, New Zealand and Australia as our staff have visited the regions, seen the schools and the accommodation available, but not only that; we have been able to see the area and region first hand and are therefore able to advise you about its safety and suitability. In circumstances other than this , we can offer you some advice and are quite happy to research offers based on information provided to us from our extensive network of contacts in world wide education.
About the schools.High schools (secondary schools) vary in aspects such as single sex v's co-education, religious emphasis, sporting strength and arts curriculum. Some students prefer small high schools or boarding schools where they will receive a lot of individual attention while others prefer the stimulating and diverse environment of a big high school.The choice of a high school is very important as the preferences of the student have to be matched with the special character of the high school. Students attend high school in New Zealand, Canada And Australia when they are 13 or at the end of their eighth year of school.

About the programmes
Students Improve Social Skills
Some International Student Programmes offer high school education to students from around the world. Single semester and/or full year programs are available.
The regions we offer are safe, clean provinces with the best health care systems in the world. All the school bodies involved are committed to providing an excellent education and home-stay environment to all international students.
Overall, students are given the opportunity to choose from a variety of subjects focusing on arts, sciences, languages, and computers. The subjects are ‘always’ taught under the careful supervision of certified teachers. All schools follow curriculum set by their own provincial governments. Students can also choose from a variety of extracurricular activities such as soccer, volleyball, basketball, curling, skiing, and creative art to name a few.
Students are closely matched with a host family who lives in the area they will attend school. The host family provides a caring home environment for the student. Students are made to feel a part of their host family and are included in all celebrations and outings.
Education abroad – it is the future !
For more information about these or any other programmes, please contact us to discuss your potential.